Are you of legal drinking age?
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Team Team

Amanda McLamb

CEO & Co-Founder

“The hardest obstacles lead to the greatest growth and innovation.”

Team Team

Phillip McLamb

COO & Co-Founder

“I do a little bit of everything… except brew beer.”

Team Team

Chris Tropeano

Head Brewer & Co-Founder

“It’s just f****** beer.”

Team Team

Erin Jordan

Lead Brewer

“At the end of a hard day, at least there’s always cold beer.”

Team Team

Maryssa Pickett


“I’m a potato and I’m so hip”

Team Team

Jon Eberhart

Sales and Distribution Manager

“What did the cowboy say at his second rodeo? …It’s not my first rodeo.”

Team Team

Bronson Torres

RCSE Facility Manager

“I’m not Ted.”

Team Team

Chelsi Architzel

Graphic Designer

“My wrist deserve a shout-out, I’m like ‘what up, wrist?'”

Team Team

Peter Grochowski

Operations Manager

“Hot Take: The Eagles don’t deserve to have the bestselling album of all time.”

Team Team

Razia Gonzalez

RCPM Events Manager

“Wu-Tang is for the children.”

Team Team

Ted Torres

RCSE General Manager

“I’m not Bronson.”

Team Team

JP Teague

RCPM General Manager

“Yes, you are right, I am the prettiest.”

Team Team

Heather Nagaishi

RCSE Taproom Manager

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

Team Team

Emily Cole

RCSE Events Manager

“Honestly, I’m down like the economy.”

Team Team

Hector Gonzalez-Mora

Owner/Head Chef of El Toro Bruto

“All you need is ganas.”

Team Team

Charlie Sullivan

Coffee Operations Manager

“This is a real quote, please don’t quote me on that.”